Vinny Fuel Cost Check
for the Windows PC by Vinny Graphics

Application Description

This utility calculates fuel usage costs. After just a month or two, it will forcast your annual fuel expense. It has three inputs: fuel volume, fuel cost and odometer reading. Each purchase of fuel should be recorded. Data can be entered using any set of units. If U.S. units are entered then the outputs are current miles per gallon, number of days since last fill, total fuel purchased to date and the total cost to date. It also provides average miles per gallon over the recording period, average cost per gallon, average cost per day and a projection of the total fuel cost per year.

Three buttons are provided [Setup/Enter], [Undo] and [Reset]. The dual purpose [Setup/Enter] button should first be used for the single entry of the starting odometer reading. It then becomes a group [Enter] button for sets of fuel volume, purchase cost and subsequent odometer readings. Each data set is checked for consistency. The [Enter] button is locked when required to prevent unintended double entries. The [Undo] button removes the last data set. The [Reset] button clears ALL entered values. It is protected against accidental use.

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