Vinny RPN Calculator v1.24

Vinny RPN Calculator is a Reverse Polish Notation utility program for science and engineering students. It temporarily converts the computers numeric key pad into a RPN calculator by allowing direct use of key pad digits, [+,-,*,/] keys, [Enter] and [Up/Down Arrow & Page] keys. Trigonometric and logarithmic functions are provided by mouse clicking on dialog box buttons. Number inputs can be decimal or exponential with dot or comma (European) digit separator. Linkage to other applications is available through use of the Windows clipboard. Optional features include window stay on top, window shrinkage and a floating key pad.

This update addes a delta percent button under the registration [Reg] button and also support for Windows Vista help. The program is displayed in the "expanded" state. To hide trig functions click the [Small] button. The program starts in the "shrunk" state and in the always on top mode to allow easy use as a support for other running applications. The zip package contains the complete 32-bit utility program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP/Vista/7/8.

Review Vinny RPN Calculator readme file.

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